Why Meditate?

It is good for the body. It seems like every week we find out more and more that stress leads to all sorts of bad stuff. Meditation has been proven to be an excellent way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

It is good for the mind. There is just so much information out there nowadays; our minds are constantly spinning so fast that sometimes we cannot hear our own thoughts. One of my favorite analogies for the effects of meditation is a glass of muddy water. When you shake up the glass, the water becomes murky, but if you let it sit, the mud settles down, and the water becomes clear. This is what happens to your mind with regular meditation. Your thoughts settle down, and you can see more clearly what is in front of you, which can lead to clearer thinking, better decision-making, and more creativity.

It is good for the emotions. A regular meditation practice helps us to actually feel what we are feeling. This sounds so simple, but it is not. We often attach so many thoughts and judgments to what we are feeling that we can no longer actually feel the original emotion. When we meditate, we can learn to recognize when we are creating a story around an emotion, catch it, and find our way back to feeling the emotion.

It is good for the spirit. Meditation itself is not a religious activity, though all major world religions incorporate some sort of meditation. Whatever your spiritual practice may be, by sitting still and clearing your mind, you will discover a deeper connection with yourself, the people you love, and the beauty of all that is around you.

Sometimes these benefits come quickly and sometimes they take a while. Why not get comfortable!