Find a Bench

There are three ways to find your way to a bench.

1) You can see the range of benches available for purchase through our website.

2) Visit one of our fantastic retail partners, Namaste Yoga in either the Rockridge or Lakeshore neighborhoods in Oakland, and Sagrada Bookstore in the Temescal neighborhood in Oakland.

3) Or find a free bench! Every now and then, I drive around the Bay area and “release” benches into the wild: at bus stops, in parks, at the library, in a tree, wherever. As I release the benches, I photograph them and send out the location information via Twitter. If you happen to be nearby, get out there and pick it up. If not, don’t worry, I will also release a few free online, all you have to pay is the shipping. Check my Etsy Shop to see if any are available.

Every bench I sell helps me to buy material to build more free benches, so the more I sell, the more I can release, and the more people who find benches, the more people will try meditating, and the more people meditate, the more peaceful the world will be and… there I go again. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…